EIT Health

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created by the European Union in 2008 to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. The EIT is an integral part of Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. 

EIT Health was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is made up of various KICs who each focus on a different sector, or area, of innovation – in our case, that is health and aging. The idea behind the EIT KICs is that innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise. The so called ‘knowledge triangle’, is the principle that when experts from business, research and education work together as one, an optimal environment for innovation is created.

The National Documentation Center (EKT) is the EIT Health hub in Greece and among the 2 first European Innostars RIS Hubs since 2017. Till 2021 EKT has supported more than 75 startups to participate in EIT Health programmes,  with 16 of them receiving funding and winning awards. EKT/EIT Health HUB Greece has supported more than 480 students in health sector have participated in EIT Health’s education programmes related to business and innovation in the sector.

Find all open Startup Innovation, Business and Education programmes of EIT Health here: https://eithealth.eu/what-we-do/our-programmes/

Find out about all the major Innovation projects that EIT Health has supported, leading to the creation of new products and services in the health sector here: https://eithealth.eu/what-we-do/product-and-service-development/

Find all the Innostars regions related funding programmes for Incubation, Validation and Scaling up at the Innostarter: https://innostarter.eithealth.eu/programs/incubate


Open Calls

EIT Jumpstarter - for new ideas in the health sector (incl. other sectors) 🕛 Apply by the16th of April 

InnoStars Awards Accelerator - for product not tested in the market 🕛 Apply by the 27th of March 2021

Bridgehead - for entering new markets 🕛 Apply by the 16th of March 2021

EIT Catapult - for mature startups with innovative ideas 🕛 Apply by the 16th of March 2021

StartupMeetsPharma - for mature startups with validated proof of concept, market validation and prototype that matches one of the challenges released by the pharma companies 🕛 Apply by the 16th of March 2021

EIT Health Wild Card - supports innovative teams, researchers or companies with ideas, specific skills and knowledge 🕛 Apply by the16th of March 

Mentoring & Coaching Network (ongoing)

Investor Network (ongoing)

Crowdfunding (ongoing) 

Gold Track  Waiting announcement for the 2nd phase 


Contact us

For more information you can contact the National Documentation Center, George Megas megas@ekt.gr.